first member of my pokemon team, Dedenne.

Watch me redraw this scene from Kill la Kill:

Ryuko Matoi

idk what this is and please don’t ask me

a rage doodle I guess? just doin whatever

I want to do one of those draw again memes except I want to use some really shitty art of mine from way back when (2007)
except the only things I drew way back when are really shitty renditions of hamtaro, naruto and naruto OCs and badly drawn pokemon
and it all looks so unappealing that I don’t even want to try re-imagining it.

if you don’t mind busting a gut, a few ribs, or your sides, you can check it out on this crappy little website I used to visit all the time:

the first couple aren’t so bad but the farther back you go the worse (and more comical) it gets. It’s also kind of Nyan Neko Sugar Girls-esque 

trying to do some unofficial concept art for a new diana skin

It’s a jelly tapir baby!

also it’s transparent

It’s dark valkyrie Diana
I play LoL UwU

commission progress